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It is the special position of Syros that has helped the island to excel as one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean in the 19th century, being then the administrative, commercial and cultural centre of the Cyclades. The imposing public and private buildings of Hermoupolis -an element of the bloom of urban and industrial civilization- as opposed to rural settlements, the Medieval and Cycladic architecture, the Orthodox and Catholic Temples, the northern virgin mountain range of the island as opposed to the southern developed tourist side, compose the history of the island through constant contrasts and blends over the centuries, impressing even the most demanding visitor.
The capital of the Cyclades invites you to visit it and feel its dynamic character and cosmopolitan grace of a lady.
Syros has a population of 20,000 inhabitants; its capital, Hermoupolis, is amphitheatrically built on the two hills surrounding the harbour. At the top of the two hills dominate two churches, the Orthodox temple of the Resurrection at Vrontado and the Catholic cathedral of St. George at Ano Syros. Hermoupolis remains a live monument of neoclassical architecture with buildings, museums, musical and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered at every step.
Its market is rich, with a special character: restaurants, bars, cafes tailored for all tastes and all ages.
In addition, it is a city with energy throughout the year due to its University Schools, Public Services and intense cultural activity (theatre plays, cinema, music and dancing events, training seminars, exhibitions and festivals).
The southern part of the island has an excellent road network linking all villages between them and with Hermoupolis. The routes, small and relaxing, lead you to developed tourist settlements and holiday resorts of other times. Most beaches are perfectly organized and awarded for years with a Blue Flag.
At Dellagrazia, or Posidonia, you will see impressive mansions and neoclassical houses. Particularly beautiful is the sheltered bay of Vari, while the beaches of Agathopes and Galissas are the most famous and popular. At Kini, to the west of the island, one can see the most beautiful sunset; at Delfini, crystal-clear waters and golden sand.
Other small beautiful beaches are Grammata, the deserted little bay of Lia, Varvaroussa, Marmari and Aetos, where you can get by boat.
Syros is located in the centre of the Cyclades, 83 nautical miles from Piraeus and 62 nautical miles from Rafina, with an area of  84,069 sq. km. It is surrounded to the east by the islands of Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, to the west by Sifnos, Serifos, Kythnos, Kea and to the north by Gyaros.
The journey with a conventional ship takes about 3.5-4 hours, while with a speed boat fewer.
There is ferry connection all year round with Piraeus, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the north-eastern Aegean islands and Kavala.
Air services operate daily, flight duration is 35΄.
The island's public transport is well organized with regular bus and minibus services throughout the year.

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